Planning Board

The primary role of the Planning Board is to advise the Board of Commissioners on planning, zoning, and development issues within the town and its extraterritorial jurisdiction.  The board sponsors planning studies, recommends policies, coordinates public participation, and reviews zoning amendments and development plans to determine consistency with the comprehensive plan and any other relevant plans. 

Current Board

Burgaw’s Planning Board has 7 seats, 1 specifically designated for residents of the town’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).  Up to 2 members can be non-resident property or business owners.



Type of Seat

Louis Davis



Jennifer Hansen

Vice Chairperson


Meg Franklin



Olivia Dawson



William Smith



James Malloy



Connie Ives


Regular (non-resident)


Meeting Schedule

The Planning Board’s regular meetings are generally every 3rd Thursday at 5:30 pm in the Town Board Room (109 N. Walker St.), and an official schedule is adopted by the board at the start of each calendar year.  

There is no meeting in December

Board of Adjustment

Members of the Planning Board also serve as the Board of Adjustment.  This board hears appeals of staff zoning interpretations and variances.  Hearings and items for the Board of Adjustment take place prior to Planning Board items at the regularly scheduled Planning Board meetings.