Hankins Park 

Hankins Park is a passive park which includes a pavilion with picnic tables, charcoal grill and restrooms surrounded by large grassy areas. Hankins Park is connected to the Osgood Canal Greenway and Urban Trail. The pavilion can be reserved for parties etc. but the remaining grassy areas are open to the public at all times. Hankins Park is located at 310 North Walker Street. Please click here for more information.

Harrell Memorial Park 

Harrell Memorial Park is a children’s playground which includes play equipment for all ages. There are also tennis courts connected to the park. Since this park is diagonally across the street from Hankins Park, restrooms are within walking distance.  Harrell Memorial Park is located at 108 East Ashe Street. 


Johnson Park 

Johnson Park is a passive park located along the Osgood Canal and is a part of the Osgood Canal Greenway and Urban Trail. This park is quiet, well landscaped and inviting. It is the perfect place for a quiet lunch or a good book. There are no facilities at this park. Johnson Park is located at 311 S. Walker Street. 


Ashe Street Park 

The function of this 4.34-acre park on the corner of Ashe St. and Timberly Lane is currently undetermined. The Osgood Canal Greenway & Trail meanders through the park.




Pecan Park 

Across the street from Wilmington Street Park, this 0.25-acre site is a passive pocket park. This site boast a large pecan tree which is popular among greenway users in the Fall. Pecan Park is located at 309 E. Wilmington Street.




Osgood Canal Greenway and Urban Trail 

Osgood Canal Greenway and Urban Trail is a 2.2 mile loop around the central portion of the town limits. The trail follows the Osgood Canal through town and offers walks through wooded areas along the canal, through urban areas in the downtown, connects to the schools located in town and offers the convenience of both passive parks and playground parks along the way.There are several streets and areas throughout town that access the trail.   MAP

Burgaw Entry Peninsula 

Only 0.36 acres, this green space marks the transition to the Town's historic downtown area. It is linked with the other town parks by the Osgood Canal Greenway & Trail. 




Wilmington Street Park 

This 1.03-acre park is currently considered a space best used for more passive activities. No official function for the park has been designated. 


Rotary Park

Rotary Park is nestled among large shade trees with plenty of grassy areas for children to run and play. Rotary Park is located at 102 Industrial Drive between the Burgaw Middle School and Cape Fear Community College and is just off the Osgood Canal Greenway and Urban Trail. The Rotary Park can be reserved at town hall Monday-Friday