Please be advised of these requirements prior to placing vegetative debris or bulky items at the street for pickup:

  1. The Town does not pick up vegetative debris generated by contractors for non-residential and multi-family development customers.
  2. Do not mix vegetative debris with other materials.
  3. Do not place vegetative debris in the street.  All debris must be a minimum of two feet from the edge of pavement.
  4. Do not place vegetative debris in front of a fire hydrant.
  5. Do not place vegetative debris within twenty feet of an intersection or in a manner that will impair the ability of the traveling public to see oncoming traffic.
  6. Residents should place all debris on their property.  Please do not place vegetative debris on town parks, the railroad right of way, or undeveloped/unoccupied property.

    *In regards to bulky items the Town will collect large items (residential only) such as furniture, mattresses and appliances on the same day as yard waste. Bulky item collection is intended for the occasional disposal of large items that  will not fit into a roll cart but is not intended for a whole house clean out. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the debris/bulky items not being collected and/or fines assessed by the Town of Burgaw.