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Emergency:                 911
Non-Emergency:         910-259-7494
General Mailbox:                                        

109 N. Walker Street
Burgaw, NC 28425


It is the mission of Burgaw Fire Department to provide a fire protection service, for our assigned district, with the purpose of protecting and minimizing loss of life and property by insuring a total state of readiness through training, inspections, and planning.


The Burgaw Fire Department (BFD) is tasked with fire prevention and suppression duties throughout the town limits of Burgaw NC and the Pender Central Fire District.  BFD operates from one station located at 109 N Walker Street, which houses three engines, one tanker, one aerial, one brush truck, and one inspection vehicle.  Staff includes: one full time Fire Chief, one full time firefighter and up to three part-time firefighters from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday.  Burgaw Fire Department still relies heavily on volunteer firefighters in the area and there are up to 40 volunteers associated with the fire department.  These personnel are charged with the responsibility of providing fire protection to both the residents and visitors of the Burgaw area.  Other non-suppression activities include; fire inspections, fire and life safety plans review, occupancy pre fire plans, community education programs, vehicle maintenance, equipment maintenance, hydrant maintenance, and training.  These activities will engage fire department personnel with the community, which assists the department in achieving its mission and meeting its goals.

Burgaw Fire Department is responsible for approximately 5 square miles within the town and approximately 167 square miles within the Pender Central Fire District. 

Our Staff

Jim Taylor, Fire Chief

T. Clay Jasper, Deputy Chief


How to Volunteer

Burgaw Fire Department is always seeking energetic members to join forces in protecting our community from fire and other emergencies.  Minimum age for membership is 18.  The fire department offers a Junior Firefighter Program to those individuals who are between 16 and 18.  There are a lot of tasks to be completed by our volunteer members.  It is not just fighting fire, so even if you want to serve and feel a little apprehensive about actually fighting fire, come on out and see what skills you can provide.  There are many ways to serve, so please don't let your apprehension stop you from serving your community.  If you wish to join the ranks of your local volunteer fire department please fill out a Town of Burgaw Employment Application and forward it to the Burgaw Fire Department.

Fire Prevention

Burgaw Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Plan has three elements; fire inspections, pre-fire surveys and public education.  These elements are the backbone of the department’s plan to identify hazards, prevent hazardous situations and promote safety within the community.

Fire Inspections

The fire department conducts approximately 275 non-residential fire inspections annually.  These inspections insure that all businesses in the Burgaw area are in compliance with the North Carolina Fire Code.

Pre-fire Surveys

In effort to streamline operations and have a more in-depth perspective of local hazards; the fire department staff completes pre-fire surveys on the commercial buildings in the district.  These surveys outline hazards, key fire suppression features and emergency contact information.  This gives the fire department valuable information and allows for more efficient operations early in an emergency.

Public Education

Fire department staff is available for most requests, within reason and not during emergency operations, for education to the public on fire safety.  This can include requests such as; field trips to the fire station, fire station tours, fire safety talks at schools, fire safety talks to the elderly, smoke detector installation, handing out fire safety pamphlets, bringing the fire truck out to the school or day care during fire prevention month, etc.

Reflective Address Signs

We have a big problem in our community.  Many houses and/or mailboxes have small numbers, faded numbers, missing numbers, or worse no numbers at all.  To try and remedy this issue the fire department has partnered with Interstate Sign Productions to offer, at a minimal cost of $10.00, green metal reflective address signs for your yard and/or mailbox post.  Reflective address signs are highly visible both day and night, they are made of high quality aluminum and will last for many years.  Being able to identify address numbers quickly enhances the productivity of the fire department when responding to an emergency.  Fire department staff may be able to assist with installation free of charge.  Black address numbers for your home are also available at no charge.

For more information on these signs please contact any member of the fire department.

Arson is a Crime

Citizens play a key role in investigations when they step forward to assist the fire department and law enforcement.  For this reason, the Burgaw Police Department has a Tip Line available.  Citizens may report crimes and share information 24 hours a day by emailing

Residential Smoke Alarms

Please contact the Burgaw Fire Department if you need a residential smoke alarm.  Burgaw Fire Department wishes all homes to have working smoke alarms, and to meet these wishes the fire department will provide a free smoke alarm to anyone in need.  Please contact us if you need a working smoke alarm, they do save lives.

Residential Smoke Alarm Request Form



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