Development Regulations, Forms, and Documents

Unified Development Ordinance

The primary document governing land use in the Town of Burgaw and its planning jurisdiction is the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).  The UDO governs land use throughout the town and its extraterritorial jurisdiction, including zoning, site design, the subdivision process, and administration procedures.  The UDO was originally adopted in 2000, but as a living document, has been amended many times.  The current version of this document is available here, along with a list of amendments to both the UDO and the Official Zoning Map.  


Permits and Applications

If you need to apply for a zoning compliance permit, would like to request a text change amendment to the UDO, or apply for a variance to the ordinance, please fill out the appropriate application and turn it into the Planning Department.  We do advise scheduling a meeting to talk over your application prior to signing a lease or beginning activity to make sure your project doesn’t face any unforeseen obstacles.  We are generally in the office between 8 am and 5pm, but due to meetings, site reviews, etc., we may not always be available.  To schedule an appointment, please call 910-663-3450 or email

Pre-submittal meetings are required before you can submit an application for a rezoning, master development plan, conditional use permit, variance, or reasonable accommodation.  You can schedule a pre-submittal meeting with the Planning Administrator by calling 910-633-3451 or emailing


Subdivision Review

Please contact the Planning Administrator prior to preparing a subdivision plat to make sure the final document is created in accordance with the town’s ordinances.  You may email us at with a draft PDF map to get comments prior to the preparation of mylar and paper copies.

For minor and major subdivisions, a pre-application conference and sketch plan review are required before you can apply for preliminary plat review.


If you have any questions regarding the attached documents, UDO regulations, or review process, feel free to call us at 910-663-3450 or email us at