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Coyotes seen in Town
  In the past couple months the Town has received several complaints regarding the presence of coyotes within the town limits.  The complaints have ranged from simply seeing a coyote to reports of the animals attacking and killing pets.  Although the presence of coyotes in Southeastern North Carolina is nothing new what seems to be a change in behavior, at least for the coyotes in our area, is their willingness to scavenge the more populated areas including downtown area as well as the residential areas immediately surrounding the central business district of Burgaw.    Unfortunately the research shows that this change in behavior is common for coyotes.  Generally, coyotes are reclusive animals who avoid human contact.  Coyotes who have adapted to urban and suburban environments, however, may realize there are few real threats and may approach people or feel safe visiting yards even when people are present.  These coyotes have become habituated (lost their fear of humans) and have... read more


The Town of Burgaw has recently begun accepting utility payments online. Click the following link, or access this link through our Customer Service Central located at the top of the Town of Burgaw website. To access your account information online please have your utility bill available. Located on the utility bill stub, please enter your utility account number along with PIN located beside the account number. Your account information will be displayed and you will be able to make a payment. There is a convenience fee of $1.05 per transaction if paying by check online and 2.95% if paid by debit/credit card online.  Please be advised that utility payments are due by the 10th of every month with a grace period until the 15th. Any balances not paid by 5:00pm on the 15th will be assessed a $35.00 late fee. For balances not paid by 5:00pm on the 20th of every month, service will be disconnected. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer... read more



Many houses and/or mailboxes have small numbers, faded numbers, missing numbers or worse no numbers at all. To try and remedy this issue the fire department has partnered with Interstate Sign Productions to offer at a minimal cost of $10.00, green metal reflective address signs for your yard and/or your mailbox post. Reflective address signs are highly visible both day and night, they are made of high quality aluminum and will last for many years. Being able to identify address numbers quickly enhances the productivity of the fire department when responding to an emergency. Fire department staff may be able to assist with installation free of charge. Black address numbers for your home are also available at no charge.

For more information on these signs please contact any member of the fire department or call 910-259-7494.



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